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Belly fat can trigger asthma development

health and fitness Updated: Jan 23, 2012 20:22 IST

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Belly fat can trigger the development of Asthma

Belly fat, which was previously linked with diabetes and heart disease, could also trigger asthma, shows research from the University of Science and Technology in Norway. A study of 23,245 adults without asthma under 55 years showed that those with belly fat but not overall obese were 1.44-times more likely to develop asthma. People who were both centrally obese (belly fat) and obese overall were 1.81-times more susceptible.

“Asthma can affect people of all sizes, but our study has highlighted both the individual and combined effect of central obesity and overall obesity on asthma development,” said Ben Brumpton, member of the research team.

Afternoon naps good for toddlers’ mental health

Missing afternoon naps leave toddlers more stressed, unhappy and increase their risk of mental health problems later in life. Researchers at the University of Colorado found that missing naps taxes the way toddlers express feelings and makes the slightest of stressful events harder to cope with.

The results, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, showed that tired 340 4-year-olds were 34% less positive in their emotional responses than when they had been well-rested.

Buddy schemes see you through resolutions

People begin the New Year with resolutions seriously enough, but almost always abandon them midway. the reason is simple: the majority of new year's resolutions are some sort of vow to lead healthier lives, which is easier said than done.

But having a friend or partner who also has a similar target or supports your decision can boost the likelihood of sticking to them. US researchers say that buddy schemes involving friends, family and colleagues help people stick to diets, exercise regiments, health plans and other resolutions over time.

Potatoes not as fattening as you think

Those counting calories do not need to drop potatoes altogether from their meal platter. Potatoes are not the fat-gain ogres that many believe, shows a study from New Zealand. It found that when potatoes were made a part of a meal of meat and vegetables, the effects are barely felt. “Our work suggests that having a small amount of potato with a meal isn’t going to drive your blood sugar crazy,” says chief researcher Bernard Venn in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.