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Bowel problem

Leena Mogre, director of Leena Mogre Fitness and an aerobics, power yoga and weight training expert, answers to queries regarding bowel problems. Read more to find out.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 20, 2011 15:39 IST
Leena Mogre

My height is 5’8” and my weight is 50 kg. I’m underweight and also suffer from constipation. Please help me gain weight.
Manpreet Singh

According to your height and weight, your ideal body weight should be 70 kg. You can follow these tips.

Increase your calorie intake by 500 calories a day. Have small but frequent meals.
Strength training will help you build muscle mass, and in turn help you gain weight.
Consume adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, cereals and proteins. Eat egg whites, lean meat, fish, sprouts, pulses, milk, milk products and dry fruits.
Include fresh seasonal fruits and fruit juices in your diet.
Avoid junk food, especially deep fried.
Avoid high calorie sweets and chocolates.
Get more physical exercise and consume more fluids along with a high fiber diet. High fiber foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains absorb and retain water thereby making stools softer. Fiber stimulates peristalsis in the colon and helps improve bowel

I am 27 years old, my height is 5’6” and my weight is 79 kg. Please advise me on weight loss and suggest a diet plan. Most of my weight is concentrated around my tummy. I am unable to exercise due to a lack of time.
Vinod Kumar Gupta

According to your age and height, your weight should be 65-68 kg. You can follow this diet.
Early Morning: 1 glass of lukewarm water + 1-2 tsp of lemon juice.
Breakfast: 1 egg sandwich (2 egg whites and 2 whole wheat bread slices)/ 1 bowl of corn flakes with skim milk + 1 seasonal fruit.
Mid-morning: 1 glass of thin buttermilk.
Lunch: 2 dry chapatis + 1 cup of dal or sprouts + vegetables + raita
Evening: 1 seasonal fruit + 1 cup of tea + 2 idlis/ roasted chana. 1 bowl of homemade vegetable soup.
Dinner: 2 chapatis + 1/2 a cup of brown rice + 2-3 pieces of grilled fish/ chicken + 1 cup of vegetables.

Leena Mogre is the director of Leena Mogre Fitness and is an aerobics, power yoga and weight training expert. Her panel, comprising Dr Rakesh Nair (orthopaedics and sports medicine), Jaya Hiranandani (nutritionist), Kalpesh Vinerkar (exercise and sports training), Nikhil Mogre (sports specialist) and Rupali Gujar (diet and nutrition) will answer your questions.

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