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Caress your stress

Tension and stress in your shoulders, upper arms, head and neck can sometimes gently be relieved by using simple hand massage techniques. Here’s how...

health and fitness Updated: Jan 23, 2010 11:52 IST

Sit in a comfortable chair, rest arms on pad on top of a table (should be approximately level with your navel). Rub a small amount of massage oil into your hands and forearms (this will increase circulation and allow you to make smooth, gradual strokes).

Squeeze each finger as you rock with the massaging hand, pulling slowly to the tip. Repeat four to five times for each finger.

Use pressure between thumb and fingers of massaging hand to slowly knead muscles between thumb and index finger.

Use thumb and fingers of massaging hand to slowly rotate opposite hand at the wrist.

Slide forearm slowly down other arm from elbow to wrist and over hand (use less pressure as you near the wrist). Repeat several times.

Your share of foot care

Each foot has 33 joints, and the number of bones in both feet combined is equal to almost 25 per cent of the body’s total count of bones.

Roll foot making circular motions. It improves flexibility.

Use knuckles to stroke the sole, over the instep and around heel. Use as much pressure as is comfortable.

Gently roll each toe between fingers; squeeze tip of each toe at nail. It helps stimulate circulation.

Gently stretch toes backward and forward to increase mobility and release tension.

Soaking your feet in warm water before massaging will soften and soothe them.