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Cleansing rituals to follow on a regular basis

health and fitness Updated: Apr 07, 2013 16:05 IST
Sonal Ved
Sonal Ved
Hindustan Times
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Work pressures, social commitments and daily deadlines are a part of everyday life. While a healthy diet and an exercise regimen are good ways to keep fit, an occasional detoxification routine is equally important.

Go organic and gluten-free once a week

1 Gluten-laden foods such as refined flour, cookies, pastries, processed sauces and ready-made salad dressings make the digestive system sluggish. Swap with whole, organic grains and seeds such as amaranth, millet, polenta and adzuki beans. They are easy to digest and easily available. Use them in salads, as stuffing for vegetables or add them to soups for crunch. Also consider buying organic vegetables and ingredients.

SkinSip on dandelion root tea or cranberry juice

2 When you feel excessively bloated, sip on a mug of organic dandelion root tea or cranberry juice. Dandelion root promotes bile production that helps improve fat burning and digestion. Cranberry juice has natural detoxifying properties.

Get a detoxifying body treatment

3 Over time, the pores of the skin get clogged with pollutants and dirt and toxins begin to accumulate inside. A body massage that uses oil like cypress, grapefruit, almond and geranium flushes out toxins. Also look for a lymphatic drainage massage on the spa menu. This kind of a rub increases lymph flow in the body, enhancing immunity. You can also opt for a detoxification wrap or body scrub with clay, red algae, almond shell powder or corn meal.

Drink lots of fluid

4 You must drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. Liquids not only flush out toxins easily, they also keep our body well hydrated. If you cannot consume plain water all the time, flavour some of it with honey, lemon juice, black salt or tulsi. Also, bathing with lukewarm water is a good way to detox and feel instantly energised.

Consume organic turmeric

5 Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

It can relieve the accumulation of mucus in our stomach, intestines, lungs and throat. It is also said to help reduce inflammation of the liver, which is a boon after heavy bingeing.

Get a face massage once a month

6 Your face is the biggest indicator of whether or not you need a detox treatment. After the age of 25, puffiness, redness and

acne indicate the need for cleansing. Opt for a refreshing facial that includes a draining massage, a face scrub and a mask that tones the skin and brushes out accumulations.

Do breathing exercises

7 There is no better way to remove toxins from the body than with basic breathing exercises. Getting an inflow of fresh air refreshes the lungs and clears the mind. You can learn how to breathe right by joining yoga classes or taking up pranayam.

Have a no make-up day

8 Say no to heavy make-up once a week. We naturally detoxify through our skin, but if the pores are constantly clogged with

make-up, toxins build up. Allow your skin to breath once in a while. Deep-clean your skin, scrub it with a gentle cleanser and use a detoxifying mask. Also opt for organic make-up that doesn’t harm the skin.

Inputs from Rasesh Vissanji, director of Samskara Wellness; Dr Rejith Daniel, director, Spa la vie by L’Occitane; Dr Rashmi Shetty, cosmetic physician.