Men, this one’s for you: 4 simple ways to win over pimples

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  • Updated: May 30, 2016 15:54 IST
While pimples damage your skin permanently, they also do a number on your confidence. Here’s some expert advice.

Contrary to popular belief, pimples are not just a teenage nightmare, but a common problem among men (and women) of all ages. We bring the best DIY tips, straight from an expert, to take care of them.

Chandrika Mahindra, skin care expert from the Himalaya Drug Company, shares a few tips:

*Wash up

Wash your face two to three times which will help in energising your skin and removing the dust particles, but don’t go overboard. (Shutterstock)

Use men’s face wash regularly to clean your face. Products with natural ingredients are gentle and effective for fighting pimple problems.

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* Stay hydrated

The best and the simplest way to keep your skin pimple free is by avoid dehydration. (Shutterstock)

It helps in cleaning the tissues and clearing up the skin.

*Do not touch

Never pop the pimple or constantly touch them.

It will only result in long-lasting scars.

* Shave carefully

If you shave daily, then make sure to use a good quality electric shaver or razor.

Soften your beard by using warm soapy water before using the shaving cream.

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