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Does HIV spread by having sex with a person infected by AIDS?

health-and-fitness Updated: May 02, 2010 15:56 IST
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Hindustan Times
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Does HIV spread by having sex with a person infected by AIDS or by intercourse with multiple partners? Which is safer?

Safe sex broadly implies having sex with a partner using a condom, as it acts like a barrier and reduces chances of unwanted pregnancy, as well as contracting STDs. Having sex with an affected partner without protection, is suicidal. Having multiple unknown partners is equally risky. Greater the number of sexual partners, higher is the chance of contracting an infection. Visit ICTC or your family doctor for details. HIV can also be transmitted by sharing of needles, from mother to her unborn child and via unscreened blood transfusion. HIV is the virus that leads to AIDS in the last stage. Those affected are known to survive for prolonged length of time, following development of HIV positive status. The HIV virus affects the white blood cells that protect the body against infections.

My friend, who is a 14-year-old boy with a poor background gets an erection but no fluid is secreted from it. Please help him.

What is the connection with being poor and having absurd sex knowledge? Please visit a doctor for details about human anatomy. You are most likely to be in the growing age, i.e, your body is likely to be undergoing numerous changes. The age of puberty for men is usually between 12-17 years of age. Some maturational processes start earlier compared to others. This seems to be the most likely cause of no ejaculation in your friend’s case. Getting a good erection suggests that the maturational process has well and truly started.

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