Don’t feel like an extrovert or introvert? 7 signs you are an ambivert

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  • Updated: Mar 31, 2016 13:35 IST
We know about introverts and extroverts, but what defines the people in between -- the ambiverts? Seven signs that prove you are really an ambivert! (Pinterest)

* Extrovert: I love partying. I can talk for hours. I always cock-a-hoop! Being around people gives me strength. The only time I’m upset is when I’m alone.

* Introvert: I’m shy. I love peace. I like to spend time in peaceful places. Being lonely gives me strength. The only time I’m upset is when I’m surrounded with people.

* Ambivert: It depends!!!

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Are you a bit of both? Introverts and extroverts are two extreme poles and most people fall clearly into either of these two categories. But there is a portion of the population which can’t be classified into either -- meet the ambiverts!

Introverts and extroverts are two extreme poles and most people fall clearly into either of these two categories. But there is a portion of population which can’t be classified into either. (Tumblr)

This term was coined in 1947 by British psychologist, Hans Eysenck. He wrote, “Ambiverts are the people who offer a good balance between the hypersensitivity of some introverts and the domineering attitude of some extroverts”.

This word is uncommon and still not included in some dictionaries.

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People often confuse an ambivert personality with bipolar disorder. The disorder is a mental condition wherein your mood keeps fluctuating between extreme happiness and extreme sadness.

Dr Deepali Batra, psychologist at PALS (Psychological Academic Learning Services for Children and Adults), says “In bipolar disorder, the socio-occupational activities of a person are affected whereas ambiverts are just normal people who experience mood swings and are still functional.” Ambiverts are balanced and adjust easily to the environment.

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Here are seven signs which prove you are a midway personality.

1 Different people have different perceptions about you!

Ambi is fun to be with!

Yeah, she is so calm and understanding!

Oh no, she is always high on life!

Are we both talking about the same person?

People may find it hard to decipher this personality type’s true self but ambiverts themselves gel well with both introverts and extroverts. They mould themselves according to the environment and are fun to be with. A person who can be both cheerful and calm, what’s not to like? But there is a caveat, ambiverts don’t trust people easily.

2 You are a perfect traveller

I want to sit near a river and read a book and I also want to move around, sightsee, have food and enjoy!

Ambiverts are wonderful travel partners. They like doing different things and make trips worthwhile. They adjust to all conditions and like to meet new people. Dr Pulkit Sharma, Delhi-based consultant clinical psychologist, says, “Ambiverts are perfect travellers because they connect to new people easily, but they don’t intrude into their personal space.”

3 People enjoy different colours of your personality...

I revive people with my playfulness and calm them down with my deep talks! I am just perfect!

Ambiverts tend to adjust their behaviour according to other people. Dr Batra says, “The behaviour of an ambivert depends on how close they are to somebody.” Expect both deep conversation and a fun personality from an ambivert. However, the different traits of their personality are revealed only to people who are close to them.

4 You like deep conversations on topics of your interest.

This is interesting! Let’s talk about it... blah blah.

Ambiverts invest a lot in their conversations and want them to be productive, always. They dislike short conversations and want the quality metre to zoom all the way up when deep in discussion. Dr Sharma says, “Ambiverts like deep talks, provided the topic is of their interest”. The usually quiet ambivert blooms when a subject of his/her choice is mentioned. But you can’t get a word out of them on things they are not interested in.

5 You prefer a known person to introduce you to new people.

I’m going to meet new people. How exciting, but I need you to come along. I can’t start interacting without you.

Ambiverts will hold on to someone known even when they are with new people. They love going to new places and enjoy meeting people but want their existing friends to accompany them as well. As they will never make the first move, the friend will also need to introduce them. Dr Sharma says, “Ambiverts are exactly the midway between introversion and extroversion, so they like meeting new people but at the same time they are reserved”.

6 You get drained after spending too much time with people.

I had fun! Now I need a break! I want to go home.

Ambiverts feel exhausted after spending a lot of time with people. They love to be a part of social gatherings but will also be the first one to leave. They need personal space after having been exposed well to social environment. They feel a constant need to connect to the inner self. It has to be a balancing act though as too much of me-time can be stressful for them as well.

7 You can work both ways -- in group or solo!

Works for me! Works for me!

Ambiverts like to be in a group and they love going solo too. They are very flexible and balanced workers. Also, ambiverts have a better understanding of people so they adjust well with all sorts of people and have very few fights. They can also be good leaders as they can handle both introverts and extroverts.

You still need an expert to decode your personality? Take this personality test by Dr Pulkit Sharma and find out if you are an ambivert or not!

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