Every third Mumbaikar skips daily bath: survey

  • IANS, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 01, 2014 13:14 IST

Despite rising pollution and unhygienic environment besides hot and humid summer conditions, 32% Mumbaikars do not take a bath daily, a new survey has revealed.

This has put them at an enhanced risk of contracting infections and diseases, but Mumbaikars do not take the threats seriously, said the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), which carried out the survey among a small sample size of 600.

The survey revealed that, besides skipping a daily bath, a large number of people use only beauty soaps as against anti-bacterial soaps.

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"They seem more concerned about removal of dirt and freshness to protection against health ailments like diarrhoea and flu. Germ removal drives only 11% to use an anti-bacterial soap," said the survey entitled "Bathing Trend, Belief and Behaviour".

NIMA Mumbai president L.G. Jadhav explained a miniscule six% bathe with anti-bacterial soap while 91% use beauty soaps.

"The purpose of bathing -- killing bacteria that could affect personal hygiene -- was lost in most cases as people are either unaware of or don't care about the health-related aspect of bathing," Jadhav said.

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This was boosted by the finding that only 4% of the daily bathers using an anti-bacterial soap fell sick every month against 69% of the others who go with beauty soaps. Another unhealthy revelation was that only 21% of people take a night bath, meaning a majority carries the heat, sweat and grime throughout the day.

While eight% respondents admitted that protection from germs and illnesses was the factor motivating them to select a bath soap, 11% said they were keen to protect themselves against germs and infections.

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However, a large number -- 49% -- said they bathe to feel fresh. Jadhav added 96% of those polled are exposed to the polluted Mumbai environment, heat and sweltering conditions for six hours or more.

"As a result, 71% of those who do not bathe daily reported various ailments like flu, fever, diarrhoea or eye infections, at least once a month," Jadhav said.

Don't be a slob

* Filter drinking water. Tap water in India is unsafe for drinking.
* Clean your bathrooms. Toilets, especially basins, toilet seats and areas in direct contact with the body are hotbeds for disease-causing germs and need to be thoroughly cleaned.
* Wash your fruits and vegetables. The still need a good rinse before cooking or consuming.
* Basic hygiene is essential. Don't neglect daily brushing of teeth and bathing, washing hands before meals and after washroom use.
* Moulds, fungi, damp and grout are still evil. They allow disease-causing germs to breed.
* Don't spread your germs. Cover your mouth when you cough, don't spit in public, bandage exposed wounds, trim your nails and if you have a contagious disease, for God's sake, don't mingle with people.

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