Five easy ways to tame your sugar addiction

  • Shruti Dargan, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 11, 2015 15:37 IST

There's nothing wrong with some sugary sweetness in our lives, but you must exclude it from your diet, we say. We're not only talking about chocolates, puddings and other sinful desserts, but the hidden sugar in your cereal, biscuits, salads, juices and shakes. Used for flavouring or as a preservative, it poses health risks, including adding those extra kilos.

In its new guidelines, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that one should reduce 'free sugar' intake to less than 10% of daily energy intake. While you may have already substituted cola with lime water and sugar with honey, here are simple ways to cut down on your sugar intake:

*Pick a cereal that's low on sugar content. Go for one with less than 8 gm sugar per serving. Or, top a bowl of unsweetened cereal with diced fruit to add flavour. Also, make sure to check ingredients of packaged foods for signs of sugar.

*Beware of salad dressings that could be loaded with sugar. Replace barbecue sauce, and sweet chilli dressing with a handful of grapes or cranberries for a crunchy yet sweet, tingling taste.

*While snacking on nuts is a great idea, stay away from the glazed ones. The sugary-spicy coating lacks nutritional value, and only adds to the sugar intake.

*Treat the dessert of your liking as a reward that you deserve only after an intense workout or achieving a goal at work. Be strict and do this sparingly!

*Eliminate sugar-loaded goodies from your kitchen. When it is not around, you'll consume less.

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