Follow these easy-to-do tips for healthy eyes

  • Dr Anjali Mukerjee, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 20, 2015 16:47 IST
Dehydration can also cause dry eyes. So, drink adequate water. (Shutterstock photo)

Most of us tend to over indulge when it comes to junk food and aerated drinks. That, combined with stress and pollution, can make our bodies sick. This also interferes with the functioning of our body parts including our eyes. Although good nutrition is important for healthy vision, you also need to develop relaxation techniques, as they help increase blood circulation to the eyes, which is the key to any healing process.

Good habits
* Learn to blink while reading. It is a quick method to give your eyes some rest, and keep them moist. Those who have dry eyes will benefit greatly from this
* Dehydration can also cause dry eyes. So, drink adequate water
* While reading, hold the book at an elbow's distance from your eyes or from where you can see it best
* Do not lie down on the sofa or bed and read. Sit on an easy chair
* Do not read in a moving vehicle. Don't read in a room that isn't well lit
* Always turn your head in the direction of where you are looking, instead of straining your eyes

Eat right
Most green, yellow and orange fruits, and vegetables, are known to contain carotenoids, which are beneficial for your eyes. Listed below are some foods that you can have on a regular basis to improve the health of your eyes.
* Carrot juice (push six-seven washed carrots into the juicer to squeeze out fresh carrot juice)
* Mint and coriander juice (blend them together in a mixer, and add water). Add lime and rock salt for taste
* Skimmed milk or curd
* Sliced tomatoes
* Black grapes, red grapes and berries
* Pomegranates
* Papayas

Most eye problems are related to nutrient deficiencies or toxicity. Toxicity is the excess of harmful substances like pollutants, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc, in the body. For better vision avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, artificial colours, artificial flavours and fried foods.

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