Freakshakes: The calorie monsters invade Mumbai

  • Misbaah Mansuri, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 05, 2016 15:05 IST
Crazy shakes at Mighty Small, Lower Parel (Courtesy: Mighty Small)

Caution: Freakshakes -- the sinful union of brownies, pretzels, waffles, marshmallows with milkshakes -- are turning up on city menus. Can your resolve to cut down on sugar handle it?

Prepare for the attack of the monstrous shake. One that is sure to test your healthy-eating, sugar-avoiding resolutions. Restaurants around the world are blending the most indulgent items they can get their hands on, into milkshakes.

How it started

In July 2015, Patissez, an Australian cafe, became a social media sensation by introducing the “freakshakes” to its menu. The proportions were exaggerated, with ingredients overflowing from mason jars. They quickly caught the fancy of food lovers because of their extravagance and undeniable visual appeal. The 10,050 posts on Instagram now bearing the hashtag #freakshake says a thing or two about the new-age milkshakes’ popularity.

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“Had I not seen the freakshake on Instagram, I would not have queued up to try it,” says Priyank Sawla, a visitor at the Spesso Gourmet Kitchen, Nariman Point.

The freakshake was brought to the city in December last year, with 145 in Kala Ghoda introducing the Nutella and Oreo freakshakes. Chef Brian Lopes of 145 says, “We sell nearly 2,000 freakshakes a month. The freakshake has become our USP.” Other eateries such as Rustico and Mightly Small too have jumped on to the bandwagon.

The Nutella Milkshake at Kala Ghoda 145 (Courtesy: Kala Ghoda 145)

Meet the competition

“Freakshakes were all over the internet, so we wanted to curate something similar,” Chef Tarun Shetty of the Mighty Small restaurant in Lower Parel, says. Spesso Gourmet Kitchen adopted it in the form of a Muddy Freakshake and a Nutella ice cream freakshake. Priyam Pai, manager of the eatery, says he discovered the dessert on a trip to London.

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Thanks to the popularity of their bounty and caramelised apple freakshakes, Shetty says there are plans to take the freak quotient to a new level. Brace yourself for variants like doughnut and the raspberry-granola shakes and ones with Indian deserts such as gulab jamun and rabdi.

The Red Velvet Freakshake

Too much sugar?

However, here’s the question begging to be asked. How does this food trend fare in light of the anti-sugar sentiment around the world? Nutritionists say that these monster shakes can account for nearly 1,500 calories. That’s an incredible number, given that a wholesome meal of dal and rice amounts to 300 - 500 calories. As Upasana Shukla Maheshwari, nutritionist and diet-planner at the Saa Wellness Clinic, Bandra and Andheri, says, “These freak shakes are sugar on top of sugar and then some more sugar. You will have to exercise thrice as hard to burn all the calories off.”

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What to try where


Spesso Muddy at Spesso (Courtesy: Spesso)

A jar of thick chocolate shake with Oreos and an overload of chocolate.

Calorie count: 1,400 (approx)*

Where: Spesso Gourmet Kitchen, Regent Chambers, Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Nariman Point

Call: 4031 8750


Nutella Freakshake (Courtesy: 145 Kala Ghoda)

Served in chocolate-coated mason jars; loaded with toppings like KitKat, Gems, Nutella and Nutties.

Calorie count: 1,300 (approx)

Where: 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda

Call: 4039 6632


Bounty Freakshake (Courtesy: Mighty Small)

A blend of Nutella, banana, peanut butter and pretzels, the freakshake is a bestseller at the restaurant.

Calorie count: 1,250 (approx)

Where: Mighty Small, Gate No 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel

Call: 33956086


The Oreo Freakshake at Rustico (Courtesy: Rustico)

An oversized chocolate, peanut butter and Oreo milkshake, this is an on-demand freakshake at the restaurant.

Calorie count: 1,200 (approx)

Where: Rustico, Old Custom House road, Kala Ghoda

Call: 3953 9333


Caramelised Apple Freakshake at Mighty Small (Courtesy: Mighty Small)

Topped generously with salted caramel and marshmallows, it’s sweet with a hit of salty.

Calorie count: 1,150 (approx)

Where: Mighty Small, Gate No 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel

Call: 33956086

*All figures as per nutritionist Upasana Shukla Maheshwari

RECIPE:  ABCD Freakshake (Almond, Brownie, Cheesecake, Doughnut cake)


  • Almond milk: 300ml
  • Brownie: 1
  • Blueberries: 2 tbsp

For garnishing:

  • Plain doughnut: 1
  • Chocolate brownie: 1
  • Blueberries: 1 tbsp
  • Pretzel crackers: 4-5
  • Melted dark chocolate: 2 tbsp


  • Blend almond milk, brownie and blueberries until smooth.
  • Pour in a jam jar and garnish with doughnut, blueberries, brownie, and pretzel crackers.
  • Drizzle some melted chocolate over it and serve immediately.
    - By Chef Ranveer Brar

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