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Harmonise with nature

Osho defines meditation as not doing anything... being unoccupied. it helps to lose the ephemeral for the eternal.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 02, 2010 23:58 IST

In India for centuries we have the word sandhya, for prayer. Sandhya means twilight. In the evening when the day turns into night and in the morning, when the night turns into day, there is such a tremendous change that these are the two points chosen by India to be alert, conscious, because if you can be conscious in these two moments, your meditation will become perfect very easily.

Because of the shifting of gears as the day moves into night, in the night you are no more an ego. That’s why the night is so relaxing, that’s why it is so rejuvenating, that’s why you feel after a beautiful sleep that you have become again young and fresh. All tiredness is gone and you are again ready to work. Because the ego was left when the sun was setting you were simply pure consciousness. And in the morning the reverse happens: from simple consciousness you again jump into the old bullock cart of your ego. And for a moment the fear.

The modern, contemporary society is very confused, because people go to sleep in the middle of the night, wake up at eleven o'clock in the morning. They have disturbed the whole harmony with nature. When there was no light, no electricity, no kerosene oil, as the sun was setting people were preparing their beds. There was nothing else to do. It was in a deep synchronicity with nature — nature is going to sleep, the trees are going to sleep, the birds are returning back to their trees and they are preparing to go to sleep, everything is going to sleep, except man.

Don’t be left out of nature's harmony. And when the whole of nature is waking up, wake up. With the sunrise you should also rise up — with the birds singing and flowers opening and bees buzzing around the flowers and butterflies opening their wings and the birds moving again into the sunlight to distant places, this is the time for you to wake up!

These two moments... Sandhya means evening, and sandhya also means the meeting of day and night. So there are two sandhyas: one in the evening, one in the morning when the day and night separate. In those gaps you can enter very deeply into meditation, and it is meditation alone which can help your witnessing self to be completely unidentified with all that is ephemeral, dreamlike. One day it is there, another day it is gone... only fools can go on playing with the ephemeral.

A little intelligence is enough to make you aware that the real search is not for the ephemeral but for the eternal. And unless you have found the eternal your life was a wastage. It was a tremendous opportunity given by existence to you, but you did not use it.”

Excerpt taken from Satyam Shivam Sundaram by Osho.