How to get rid of dark underarms

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  • Updated: May 09, 2014 16:13 IST

If you want to sport sleeveless styles this summer, use these tips to ensure that your underarms don’t turn too dark.

Ban the friction: Avoid wearing tight clothes or those made from synthetic fabrics, as this will cause excessive friction. The friction accumulates sweat and ends up making your armpits darker.

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Cream safe: Avoid using depilatory (hair removing) creams as the chemicals present in them darken the skin. When you do use a hair-removal cream, wash your underarms thoroughly with warm water. Use a mud pack made with Fuller’s earth as this will absorb all the chemicals and leave the area clean and dry.

Permanent reduction: Undergoing permanent hair reduction by virtually painless lasers is an option for cleaner underarms. Do your research before you choose which treatment you want to undergo.

Deo problems: Take care not to spray deodorants directly on the skin. Keep a distance of six inches and spray. Chemicals present in deodorants are a cause for darkened skin.

Clean up: Exfoliate underarms with a soft scrub at least twice a week to remove the build-up of dead cells and bacteria. Use an anti-fungal powder in case of itching or bad body odour. The area develops dark patches due to bacterial infection.

Ban the sun: Use sunblock creams to prevent darkening. Mix besan (gram flour), curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric, and apply at least three times a week under the arms. Wash off after half an hour.

(with inputs from Dr Rohit Batra, dermatologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital)

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