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How to stay healthy this season

health and fitness Updated: Oct 08, 2011 20:52 IST
Dr Shikha Sharma
Dr Shikha Sharma
Hindustan Times
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This is the season of indulgence, and that, for most people, means a rise in weight and a fall in good health. But it needn’t be that way if you keep a few things in mind.

Increase your intake of fibre. Fibre, both soluble and insoluble, is one of the most important aspects of cleansing, detoxifying and weight management strategies. In almost all diseases, nutrition therapy includes fibre as part of the treatment. It can control weight and control diseases like cancers, arthritis and colonic illnesses. Take one tsp each of wheat bran and oat bran a day; eat four cups of vegetables a day for plant fibre and three fruits a day for fruit fibre.

JuiceDrink two glasses of vegetable juices every day to fulfill your antioxidant, enzyme and vitamin requirements. Vegetable juices are detoxifying and are also capable of several cures. Vegetables like bottle gourd, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, amla and aloe vera are wonderful cleansers.

For acidity, drink two tsp of cabbage juice a day. It is rich in elements that protect the intestinal lining and promote the healing of gastric ulcers.

Stretch your muscles through yoga, pilates, or any form of isotonic exercises.

Women over the age of 35 and men who consume alcohol regularly should take capsules of vitamins B1, B12 and C to protect the nerves and liver.

Thirty-five per cent of your diet should comprise raw and fresh foods. Try fresh water chestnuts (singhara), barley grass, wheat grass juice and spirulina juice mixed with curry patta, rose petals and tulsi leaves.

WaterOnce a week, use natural oils rather than refined oils. Natural oils are found in nuts, peanuts and olives. So eat salads such as boiled potato and corn salad with nuts, boiled white channa salad with olives, steamed sprout chaat with anar and almonds, and potato and walnut salad.

Increase your intake of water

Water is one of the best body detoxifiers ever. If you drink at least two-three bottles a day, it will help your system. As naturopathy and ayur-vedic treatments show us, water flushes out intestines, liver and kidneys and cleanses and balances our systems. Water also contains many minerals, which makes it an important part of your diet. Several diseases, including heart diseases, are due to mineral deficiencies.

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