How to survive a hangover: Because after the weekend comes Monday

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  • Updated: Jun 19, 2016 18:03 IST
Top tips on how to survive a hangover and get back on your feel-good fitness track. (Tumblr)

Although drinking in moderation has its health benefits, we all overdo it sometimes, and warm summer evenings can be particularly tempting when it comes to enjoying another cold glass of wine or beer.

So for those mornings when you wake up feeling a little fuzzy, Dalton Wong, trainer to Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, founder of TwentyTwo Training, and co-author of “The Feel Good Plan,” lists his top tips on how to survive a hangover and get back on your feel-good fitness track.

‘Why do I feel so rough?!’

Your brain is dehydrated. Sip some water.

‘I feel sick. I need chips. And fries.’

You’re craving salty food because salt forces your body to drink more water. Drinking throws your natural electrolyte balance out of whack. The more hydrated you are, the more manageable your cravings will be. Put a pinch of sea salt into your water to help your body hold on to more H20. You could also try coconut water, which naturally contains magnesium, salt and electrolytes.

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‘Perhaps I’ll have a painkiller...’

Stop right there! Ibuprofen and paracetamol are extra toxic loads that your liver has to process, so popping a pill means alcohol stays in your system even longer.

‘I have the worst taste in my mouth’

That so-bad-it’s-furry taste is down to dehydration. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to cut through your bad breath and help alkalize your body after last night’s booze.

‘Time for breakfast. What will help?’

We often overeat with a hangover -- and that’s on top of the excess calories from a night’s drinking. Stay balanced with detoxifying, alcohol-soaking food that gives your body the necessary protein and complex carbs to repair the damage from last night’s toxic insulin overload. Try avocado and smoked salmon on rye toast, an asparagus omelet or hearty porridge with fresh berries and nuts.

‘Coffee. Get me coffee.’

Stick to one for now, as caffeine dehydrates you -- it’s just another thing your liver has to process. Right now, your liver is kinda busy.

‘How will I make it through the day?’

Take it easy. Keep sipping water. Get plenty of fresh air to increase the oxygen in your system. Try to go for a leisurely 15-minute walk to speed up circulation, which means your liver will work faster to process the booze in your body.

And if you really can’t think straight...

Just do this: Water. Salted water. Coconut water. Lemon water. Breakfast. Coffee.

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