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Living life to the fullest

health-and-fitness Updated: Nov 20, 2010 15:57 IST
Dr Shikha Sharma
Dr Shikha Sharma
Hindustan Times
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Most people become angry when they hear that the future is a mind game, because they derive their sense of individuality from planning for the future.

The reality is that all the facts and figures we have are about the present only. Any assessments, opinions or judgments we create about the future are only conjectures.

You may wonder: if we do not think about the future, how will we succeed?

The truth is that the best planning for the future comes by giving the present our complete attention. That’s because the Meditationpresent is the mother of the future. What we do or don’t do in the present will create our future for us. While taking a decision is a choice we make, not taking a decision is also a choice we make without realising it.

Being present fully in the present is the magical doorway to living life fully. Meditation can help us in the journey.

Meditation techniques broadly fall into two methods – the concentration method and the witnessing method.

In the concentration method, you can concentrate on a flame or an image like a bindu on the wall. Another method is concentrating on the centre of the forehead. Concentrating on the breath is a popular technique, as is reciting mantras or reciting or concentrating on the primordial sound OM.

The second method is the witness technique. In this technique you have to quietly, without attaching yourself to it, just witness whatever happens.

You can witness the mind and associated thoughts, witness the environment, witness inner body sensations or witness the breath. The practice is to be the observer without getting pulled into the thought process and so reach stillness.

Remember, stillness and silence are the doorways to the higher being.