Men, keep your grooming game on point with these simple, basic tips

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  • Updated: Jul 15, 2016 15:34 IST
Proper grooming and hygiene is just as important for men as it is for women. (Pinterest)

Hello, gentlemen! You might have been able to make do without proper grooming in your 20s, but it’s time to take it seriously.

Proper grooming and hygiene is just as important for men as it is for women.

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Lack of grooming can hinder your chance of making a perfect impression.

Cleansing, smelling good and hair care can make a lasting impact, say experts.

1 Cleansing: Instead of trying a basic soap that rips the moisture off your skin, you can opt for something that nourishes your skin without rendering it dry and lifeless.

2 Hair care: An oil massage followed by shampoo and a gentle conditioner is possibly the basic care that your hair needs. The key fact to keep in mind is to use a shampoo for your specific hair and scalp type. Do not forget hair gels are a thing of the past and to get that healthy shine, use a serum that protects as well as provides for your styling needs.

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3 Beard: The key to keeping beards itch-free and healthy regardless of the length is to keep it clean and hydrated by using a shampoo and beard balm depending on the length. Medium to long length beards ought to be waxed regularly for maintaining a subtle sheen.

4 Smell: Body odours can be totally avoided by using roll-on deodorants and signature colognes. Don’t hesitate to spray some Eau-de-parfum when in the mood and occasion.

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