Must read: Don't let bad breath kill your promotion in office

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 01, 2015 14:10 IST

Think about the number of co-workers, clients and managers you come across at workplace. That might just be ­motivation enough to look after your mouth and the emanating smell. Wouldn’t you want your smile to be the cleanest and your breath to be the freshest? Here are some tips to maintain oral hygiene at work:

Rinse after every meal: Begin with rinsing your mouth after every meal. You don’t want your breath to smell of onions, and you don’t want tiny pieces of food stuck on your teeth. Regular rinsing ensures that your breath remains fresh and your teeth are clean.

Tea and coffee intake reduction: Yes, we all need our daily doze of caffeine and tea to function in office, but their ­regular intake leads to teeth stains. To satisfy your ­cravings, go for fruits, as fibres in them act as natural ­cleansers for your teeth.

Say ‘yes’ to chewing gum: Go for chewing gums, especially those ­containing xylitol, which increase the salivary flow and reduces cavity.

Water is wonderful: You can remove as much bacteria by vigorously swishing your mouth with water as you can by vigorously swishing with mouthwash. So, go for water for hydrating yourself. Avoid aerated drinks.

Mini dental kit: Make it a habit to carry a small toothbrush and mouth-freshner to office. You only need to take out five ­minutes ­during your ­working hours to brush your teeth.

(with inputs by Dr Gunita Singh, Cosmetic and Laser Dental Surgeon)

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