No more rain check: 6 tips to stay fit during monsoon

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  • Updated: Jul 14, 2015 15:33 IST
Let not rain dampen your spirit! If you take a long walk at a particular time, stick to the same time plan for your indoor workouts. (Shutterstock photo)

A morning drizzle or evening showers during the monsoon can hamper your daily walk. But does it mean you should stop being active? Of course not. Try spot running on the floor or dance to stay fit even if it pours heavily outside, suggest fitness experts.

Here are some great health routes to follow to remain fit ­during the rainy season.

1)If you take a long walk or go to the gym at a particular time, stick to the same time plan for your indoor workouts as well. And dress the same way as your outdoor workouts. Start with a simple warm-up. Perform exercises such as spot running for a few minutes.

2)The stairs in your house, too, are great for exercising. You can simply climb up and down a few times. It tones your lower body and strengthen the core.

3)Body weight exercises such as push-ups, squats and lunges improve muscular strength.

4)Household chores are also an excellent way to keep fit. Clean the shelves and cupboards, sweep the house, hand wash clothes and do dish washing.
Practice yoga. It helps reduce respiratory problems that are common during the monsoon.

5) Purchase a few simple exercising devices such as resistance bands and skipping rope. If you always wanted to buy an indoor cycle or treadmill, this is the right time. It's a good option, as these machines can be used during monsoon without fuss.

6) If you love to shake a leg, there can be nothing better than dancing your way to good health.

-- With inputs by Saravanan Hariram, fitness expert

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