No more skin woes: Here’s how to beat monsoon beauty bummers

  • Snigdha Ahuja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 06, 2016 21:10 IST

With each changing mood of the weather, it’s hard to avoid the ailments that tag along with it. You might fight the nagging flu and infections with doctor-prescribed medicines, but it’s trickier to get rid of the effects of seasonal shifts on your skin.

Beat the monsoon blues, get on top of your game, and don’t let your skin woes rain on your parade. Here’s expert help.

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Dust it off
The rain brings with it extreme humidity which in turn makes the skin sticky, and prone to dust-induced acne and breakouts. So to prevent this, create a daily routine so you don’t skip your skin-nourishment cycle, even if it means carrying your product to work.

Create a daily routine so you don’t skip your skin-nourishment cycle, even if it means carrying your product to work. (Shutterstock)

“Keep a cleanser which is water-based always handy and make sure you use it on regular intervals to make sure the oiliness is kept at bay. Afterwards, apply cleansing lotion and remove with a cotton pad,” says beauty expert Seema Malik.

“During the rains, use an anti-bacterial toner which helps in combating any weather-induced infections,” she adds, suggesting that home-churned or packaged rose water is a fool-proof toner if you want to go the organic way.

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Flake fighter: Scrub, scrub, scrub!
Itchy and flaky skin (and scalp) is something we all try to fight off during the rainy season. And, a great way to get rid of this monsoon-ridden problem is by churning your own home-whipped organic scrub. Use brown sugar granules, ground oatmeal, honey, coconut oil and other such elements to create a DIY scrub.

Remember to not make the scrubbing a daily affair as over-exfoliation can lead to patchy, discoloured and extremely irritable skin. Fluctuate between an oil-combating cooling face pack and the scrubbing routine to ensure skin health.

Hair us out
Apart from skin that irritates, the scalp also becomes a battle ground during the rains, along with oil and dust swarmed hair. “Using a conditioner in this season after every hair wash is a must. Pre-shampooing (always go for a mild shampoo), opt for an indulgent oil massage with warm coconut oil. You can also try applying warm oil mixed with curry leaves. To fight the season-induced itchy scalp, neem oil can come to your rescue,” suggests dermatologist Meghna Gupta.

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