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Now, lose weight the asinine way

health and fitness Updated: May 30, 2011 16:17 IST
Sanchita Sharma
Sanchita Sharma
Hindustan Times
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Every celebrity worth their photo-op has their own not-so-secret recipe for losing weight. Dancing with the Stars participant Kirstie Alley did not win the contest, but grabbed headlines for losing 60 pounds — close to 28 kg — in 12 short weeks. The rigorous dance schedules helped her drop six dress sizes, from a size 12 to size 6. ‘When I’m a two, I’m done, people!’ she tweeted this week.

Unlike Alley, now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, went from slim to gaunt in less than six months in the run-up to her wedding with UK heir-apparent Prince William, sparking rumours that she had eating disorders like Princess Diana, who developed bulimia — eat-and-puke disorder — after she was called pudgy by the media.

Kate followed the France’s current rage, the Duken Diet, and dropped two dress sizes — about 7 kg — which made her anorexic, quite like Princess D who went from from a 29-inch waist to a 23-inch waist after mistaking the term emaciation with emancipation.

Those who get stressed and eat more at the thought of dieting should wait another two years for lorcaserin, the wonder drug that suppresses appetite.

Results of three large-scale trials of more than 7,500 people released at the European Congress of Obesity in Istanbul this week showed it can reduce weight by on average 5.8% over a year, and in some cases by as much as 40%. The weight loss also brought health benefits such as reduced cholesterol, blood pressure and waist size.

With the manufacturers planning to submit it for regulatory approval in the US and Europe next year, the twice-daily pill could be available worldwide between 2013 and 2014.

Lorcaserin will be the second obesity drug in the market other than orlistat, which if added to a calories-low fat diet, helps people lose 50% more weight than dieting alone. If eaten with fat, it causes diarrhoea, bloating and cramps.

Lorcaserin has downsides too, with some reported side effects such as headache, dizziness and nausea. These side-effects alone would turn committed foodies off dinner, but then again, anything would be preferable to extreme surgical options, such as liposuction, stomach banding and stapling.

Apart from being a terrible cook, the easiest way to lose weight is cut off sugar from your diet, which doesn’t work for sugar addicts like me.

The next best thing to do is follow home remedies that have been validated by science, such as drinking milk from donkeys and goats, which contain less fat and are more nutritious than cow’s milk.

Ass’s milk, which in retrospect probably helped Cleopatra stay svelte when she dunked in it every day to look beautiful, also has lots of heart-protecting omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which sharpen the brain and reduce cholesterol.

Like goat’s milk, it is low in the milk protein called casein, which is the main trigger for milk allergies and high in calcium, which helps build strong bones.

A study at the University of Naples, Italy, comparing the effect of donkey’s and cow’s milk on health showed it provided the same amount of nutrients and energy but caused less weight gain as cow’s milk raised metabolism.

Earlier research has shown that it could even be better than semi-skimmed, soya or formula milk, as it contains high levels of calcium for bones. It’s perhaps time we looked beyond the holy cow for other indigenous mammals as sources of milk, such as the camel.

A good way to start would be to go for camel’s milk ice cream, which is available in Rajasthan in two creamy flavours, kesar and strawberry-vanilla. If it works for you, you can start scourging the city for owners of female donkeys-turned-milkmen.