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Olympic-inspired workouts fit for the gym

health and fitness Updated: Jun 27, 2012 16:10 IST

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Fitness-loving Manhattanites are always craving a bigger challenge, and now health club Crunch is offering its members a Decathlon workout, which uses gym equipment to simulate classic track sports while also gearing up members for the London Games.

Spotted by fitness site Well+Good NYC, the class is taught by Crunch fitness instructor Vladmir Bermudez, who doubles as a senior research scientist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The course puts you through the paces of an Olympic workout, from the pool to 100-meter dashes to using weighted bars to simulate javelin throws.

If you don't live anywhere near New York and still want an Olympic body, Men's Fitness offers a few tips for getting a track workout right in your gym.

The long jump
Your gym alternative: two-footed long jumps

Stand with your feet together. Throw your arms down and behind you and bend at the hips, knees and ankles. Immediately explode up and try to jump as far forward as you can. Upon landing, quickly explode out of the first jump and repeat a further 4 jumps for a total of 5.

The shotput
Your gym alternative: Cable row to pivot press

Stand in a lunge position, right foot forward, facing the cable cross weight stack. Hold a D attachment set at ankle level with your right hand. Pull it to a point just above your right hip. Rotate your torso clockwise to the left while you pivot on your right foot so that you face away from the cable stack. Bring your left foot behind you as you pivot. Now press the D handle up at 45 degrees to the floor. Do this in a fast and fluid motion. Complete three reps on each side.

The high jump
Your gym alternative: Single leg step-up jumps

Place your right foot onto a bench. Push down on that foot to propel yourself over the bench and as high as possible (be sure you have clearance above your head). Drive your arms above your head to assist you and land on both feet with bent knees. Perform five jumps on each leg.

The 400m dash
Your gym alternative: High intensity treadmill run

Get on the treadmill and run 400m in the quickest time possible. Run the first 100m as fast as possible, ease off slightly for the next 200m then sprint the final 100m.