Pick your sunscreen wisely this monsoon

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  • Updated: Jul 09, 2015 15:37 IST

As monsoon showers play peek-a-boo, don't think that your summer skincare regime is now a thing of the past. You need the right dose of sunscreen even during monsoon, with the onset of the unrelenting sun. Here's helping you with what to keep in mind when choosing a sunscreen as per your skin type.

*Solar Protection Factor (SPF)
A sunscreen's SPF is indicated on the label, and relates to two factors: skin type (extremely sensitive to resilient) and exposure conditions (moderate to extreme). The lighter the hair and skin a person has, the more sensitive to the sun they are considered, which calls for a higher level of SPF. So, those with light skin and light hair, with or without freckles, should opt for a high protection in the 30-50 SPF range. Light-skinned people with dark hair who tan easily, should go for an SPF of 15-25, while darker-skinned people can settle for a light protection in the 6-10 range.

Oils are usually best for those in search of a glossy or iridescent effect, whereas sprays will satisfy the more impatient who just want something light and non-sticky. Both of these options should be massaged into the skin to provide maximum protection. Creams, however, offer the highest SPF and are more water resistant. They are also ideal for dry skins.

*Facial protection
Unlike the body, the face is always exposed to UV rays, which leads to faster ageing of the skin, loss in elasticity and spots. It's okay to use the same sunscreen for body and face, just that the choice should be made based on SPF depending on phototype and level of exposure. Also, look out for anti-wrinkle and anti-spot sunscreens, that also hydrate and nourish the skin.

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