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Put an end to your receding hairline

Can you imagine any of our Hindi film heroes minus a full head of hair? Does your receding hairline depresses you. You can get your crowning glory back.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 02, 2011 16:08 IST
Veenu Singh

Can you imagine any of our Hindi film heroes minus a full head of hair? While a few do shave their heads or sport a close cut for specific roles, there’s no denying that much of their sex appeal comes from their crowning glory. And what works for the stars works equally well for the rest of us.

According to Dr Manjul Aggarwal, senior consultant, dermatology and hair restoration, Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, if hair loss is caught in the initial stages, there is a good chance that treatment will help curb the problem, with as much as a 10-15 per cent chance of hair regrowth. “However, where the problem has been occurring for some years, the best solution is to go for a hair transplant,” says Dr Aggarwal. Here are some options.

Strip Harvesting
Cost: Rs 60- Rs 70 per follicular unit/root.
Here, a strip of hair is taken out from the back of the scalp and grafted on to the area of hair loss. Since the roots are from the same person, the body accepts the transplant. New hair starts growing within four to six months. “This procedure requires a small surgery under local anaesthesia, and the wound may take two weeks to heal. However, it may leave a small scar,” says Dr Aggarwal.
Former cricketer Nikhil Chopra had a hair transplant using this method 18 months ago. Says Chopra, “I had a receding hairline and wanted to do something about it. My procedure was safe and I have never had any problems.” Ravi Shastri and Harsha Bhogle have also undergone this treatment.

Follicular Unit Extraction Method
Rs 90- Rs 100 per follicular unit
People who would rather avoid a scar prefer this method. Here, individual roots are taken out from the scalp and reinserted into the area where hair restoration is required through tiny punctures made via a needle, scalpel or laser. “This doesn’t result in major scarring, just small circular marks that disappear soon. The surgery requires around three to five hours and complete healing takes about a week,” says Dr Aggarwal.

Direct Hair Implant
Cost: Rs 2 Lakh per session
This is one of the most advanced methods. “In this method, there is no dissection of follicular units and they are directly extracted one by one. This is performed using custom-made and precise micro-surgical tools less than a millimeter in diameter. DHI is a painless procedure where healing happens within two and four days. The procedure is also free from any risk of damage to nerves,” says Dr Dr Arihant Surana, medical head, skin and hair, Asian Roots Spa, New Delhi. who has treated Virender Sehwag using this method.

Artificial hair implantation
Cost: Rs 70- Rs 80 per fibre
Artificial hair fibres are available in packs of a hundred. These are good for people who don’t have a good donor area. “This method is suitable for women, but it is not completely a sure-shot one as there are chances of an allergy. It is also not permanent; the hairs have to be replaced after a year,” says Dr Aggarwal.

- From HT Brunch, April 3

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