Real men do yoga: 3 yoga styles for guys who want to give it a go

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  • Updated: Apr 29, 2016 18:07 IST
Guys, listen up: Yoga can help you increase flexibility, and promote better balance, agility and coordination. (Tumblr)

More and more men are now becoming interested in yoga, but many styles and forms of the practice still remain female-dominated, and many classes still focused on the female form.

So for men who are looking for something new on their yoga journey, or for those who aren’t quite yet convinced that yoga is for them, here we have rounded up some of the styles which although for everybody, could also encourage men onto the mat.

Thanks to the encouragement of partners and the enjoyment of working out together, couples yoga is helping to get more men interested in yoga. (Tumblr)

1 Couples yoga

Thanks to the encouragement of partners and the enjoyment of working out together, couples yoga is helping to get more men on the mat and interested in yoga. Whether it’s a starting point for guys as they are introduced to yoga through partner poses, or the next step in their yoga journey, couples yoga will not only strengthen your body but also help strengthen your relationship by spending quality time together connecting both body and mind.

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As you move together through breathing and movement it can also give both partners a chance to deepen their poses, and their connection, with the physical and mental support that it brings. Many workouts and poses are available online for you to try together, or try a website such as Principle-Based Partner Yoga to find out more.

Power yoga that mixes meditation and intense physical yoga practice may appeal to guys. (AFP)

2 Baptiste yoga

This form of power Vinyasa Yoga was originally founded in the 1940s by Walt Baptiste and has now been developed and carried on by his son Baron Baptiste.

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As well as meditation practice, Baptiste Yoga also focuses on an intense physical yoga practice, which takes place in studios heated to temperatures around the mid-90s F, providing an even greater challenge which could appeal to men looking for something more physically intense. It also promises impressive results in a short amount of time. Baptiste Yoga DVDs are also available to buy online.

Yoga that draws on martial arts is popular with some men. (AFP)

3 Budokon yoga

Founded by ex-PT and martial arts black belt Cameron Shayne, Budokon mixes yoga with martial arts and meditation and according to Shayne offers a total mind and body experience. Meaning “the way of the warrior spirit” when translated from the Japanese, Budokon honors the traditional flow of Hatha Yoga, but also follows a martial arts system in which followers work through a six-belt system from white to black.

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Although suitable for both men and women, as a traditionally male sport Budokon’s martial arts element may be particularly appealing for men, and offer them a new modern way to enjoy this traditional practice.

As a parting gift, here’s a gif that shows yoga is for men: It’s no secret that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is quite the heartthrob and he keeps his body looking good with a little yoga. (Tumblr)

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