Scaling to cavities: 5 dental myths busted

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  • Updated: Jul 30, 2015 20:14 IST

Is scaling bad for teeth? Are cavities caused only by sugar? Here is a list of decoded dentals myths.


Scaling is not good for teeth


Scaling removes tartar and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Scaling and deep cleaning of gums prevents bad breadth and bleeding gums. Thus, scaling is beneficial. One should get professional cleaning done by a dentist with a proper ultrasonic scaler. Extensive scaling done (more than required) is harmful.


Teeth whitening is harmful, as it damage enamel


Modern technique like Zoom Whitening works by exfoliating stains from one’s teeth to lighten them and bring back their natural colour. It is the simplest and safest procedure as a product is being used by dentists that is devoid of bleaching agents and chemicals.


Only sugar causes cavities


: It is one of the popular myths about dental cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria produces acids in the mouth. The process can begin by any carb that you consume. That includes sugar, fruits, vegetables, rice and bread. To reduce tooth decay, one should not only practice good dental care but also limit intake of acidic food.

Myth: Brushing your bleeding gums is bad
Fact: Brushing is not only good on teeth, but also on your gums and tongue. Brushing these areas help get rid of plaque which is what causes inflammation and gum disease. One should not brush too hard if they have sensitive gums. One should use a soft toothbrush for bleeding gums.

Myth: Using sugarless chewing gum with Xylitol after meal can replace brushing
Fact: Nothing can replace proper brushing technique. And in case you want to use sugarless chewing gum, do not chew it for more than 10 minutes.

HTC (with inputs by Dr Tanvir Singh, orthodontist)

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