Some like it hot: This winter dump those multiple layers, instead include them in your diet

  • Kavita Devgan, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Dec 09, 2014 14:12 IST

Finally, the temperature has begun to drop, and to keep cold-induced seasonal disorders (flu, cold, etc.) and numerous other respiratory problems at bay, it is important to prepare your body from the inside by eating naturally warm foods. Here are some such ingredients that you could add to your diet.

Allicin advantage: Eat two raw garlic cloves early in the morning or have a raw onion with your meals. Both have allicin, which boosts circulation and warms the body.

Herbal help: Add a teaspoon of ginger juice to your fresh fruit juice, sprinkle rosemary on your soup, use nutmeg liberally, add basil leaves, ginger shreds or a bit of cinnamon to your morning cup of tea.

Switch sugars: Use honey instead of sugar to sweeten your tea, coffee, milk or cereal; also, eat dates for dessert.

Add some crunch: Snack on nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.) and sprinkle seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, etc.) on your salads and soups.

Cook right: Step up the use of whole spices (cloves, peppercorns, cumin, etc.) in your curries; sprinkle dried coconut flakes on dishes and have a lot of green, leafy vegetables.

Switch to complex carbs: Examples of these are brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat.

Wind up: Have a teaspoon of turmeric with warm milk at bedtime, and finish all your meals by chewing some fennel.

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