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Take a break from studying

health and fitness Updated: Mar 13, 2011 01:53 IST
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The exam fever is on and the eyes are bearing the brunt of massive syllabi. Eye strain occurs when our eyes remain focused on close-up objects for extended periods of time. Extended hours on the computer may also manifest as eyestrain, headache and neck stiffness; popularly known as computer vision syndrome.

Here's how to prevent tired eyes:
To prevent your eyes from being anchored in a constant position for long hours, take short breaks from study every 50 minutes or so.

Instead of studying facing a wall, sit across a window or a corridor and look out at regular intervals. Looking at a distant object followed by a near object relaxes eye muscles.

Blink frequently to keep eyes moist and prevent grittiness. Use lubricating eye drops, if needed.

Studying in a dark room increases eyestrain. The lighting in the study area should be strong but enough to prevent eyestrain and soft enough to prevent glare on the pages of your book.

Don't lie down while reading. Read with the book 18-inches away from your eyes. Adjust your position such that you don't have to look up while reading as the eyes work best when looking straight or down.

If eye discomfort or headaches persist, get an eye check up done. You may need spectacles or have an undiagnosed squint (misalignment of the two eyes).

Dr Mahipal S Sachdev is the chairman and medical director of the Centre of Sight Group of Hospitals