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Unhealthy weight loss

health-and-fitness Updated: Sep 30, 2009 20:15 IST
Leena Mogre
Leena Mogre
Hindustan Times
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Q I am 23 years old. My height is 5’11” and my weight is 58 kg. I have read an article that I should actually weigh 72 kg. I am constantly losing weight and this is worrying me a lot. What can I do to stop this rapid weight loss? I also have pain in my legs. What’s better for me, a gym workout or yoga?

A We suggest you join a good gym for your weight gain. But before that you should get yourself a medical checkup to find out why you are losing weight so fast. Your body also seems to have very low lean muscle mass, which isn’t enough to support your knee joints and causes them to ache.
A proper combination of diet and exercise will help you gain weight in a healthy manner after a correct medical diagnosis, of course. All the best.

Q I am a 43-year-old lady and weigh 65 kg. My height is 5’2”. I was recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem. Of late, even eating a small piece of cake or sweet makes me pile on weight immediately. I have put on tremendous weight on my tummy, thighs and buttocks. I feel very low on energy and tire easily. Please advise me a diet and exercise plan to reduce my weight and make me fit. I am not too fond of strenuous exercises. Please help.
Tejaswini Banage

A Hi Tejaswini, the main function of the thyroid hormone is to run the body’s metabolism. Since you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which means your thyroid levels are low and your body’s metabolic rate dips.
Since you are at least 8-10 kg overweight, you have to follow a calorie-restricted diet with adequate protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. The fat allowance should not exceed 3-4 teaspoons a day. Salt intake should be kept minimal. Increase dietary fibre intake. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water. Include flaxseeds or pumpkin seeds in your diet. These contain omega 3 fatty acids, which help improve thyroid function.
Lethargy and depression is common with hypothyroidism, and good exercise is very important. It releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones that will give you a natural high and make you feel fresh and active.

You can follow this diet:
Early morning: 1 cup of green tea
Breakfast: 1 cup of skimmed milk with Proteinex 2 tsp + muesli and one fruit like a pear or an apple.
Noon: 1 glass thin buttermilk.
Lunch: 1 chapati+ 1 cup rice + rajma or chana 1 cup + 1 cup vegetable + 1 cup curd + salad.
Evening snack: 1 cup tea with whole wheat rusk / diet bhel/ roasted khakra.
7 pm: 1 fruit.
Dinner: Vegetable soup 1 bowl + 1 bhakri + 2 pieces of chicken or fish (grilled /roasted /steamed) or 1 cup dal + 1 cup vegetable + salad.
You don’t like to do strenuous exercises, but since you have a problem which lowers your body’s metabolism, you do need to take some extra care to keep your weight and your body’s fat percentage down. Doing a variety of exercises that you enjoy will keep you from getting bored and take your mind off the strain. You can alternate between walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, Power Yoga etc. But to achieve best results it’s important to join a gym and exercise in a monitored atmosphere under the guidance of certified trainers.