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Walk, two, three, four

Counting your steps might push you to exercise more. There are cool gadgets that do the math for you. Ruchira Hoon writes.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 04, 2009 23:18 IST
Ruchira Hoon

Walk when you talk, it’s like a chant running through my head. Especially since Abhishek Bachchan says the same in a recent mobile phone commercial. It sets me thinking — perhaps it’s the best way to shake me out of my fat, sedentary lifestyle.

But here’s the deal. According to some experts if you walked an extra 2,000 steps a day chances are you’re not going to gain any weight. I say, ha to that! How am I going to talk and count my steps and win that battle?

That’s when the pedometer comes handy. A gadget that counts your steps and tells you how far you still have to go. All you have to do is measure your average strides length and program it into the instrument or your choice. In turn, it registers every step you take.

This way you won’t be going, oh wait am I on 161 or 162 (steps). And if you’re planning to participate in the run this month in either Noida, this Saturday (Sept 5) or Gurgaon, on Sunday (Sept 6), this may be the best gadget to invest in.
Wearing a pedometer doesn’t just make you aware of your stride length or how many steps you take, it also inspires you to become more active.

While most pedometers come shaped like a watch or a small cell phone, one of the funkiest gadgets to use is the Pulse Ring. Light and innovative, it can be put around your ring finger and it counts your steps as well as your heart rate. The Apple - Nike iPod Plus is another great investment. A small wireless chip that connects your shoes with your iPod, not only tells you how far you’ve walked but it also lets celebrities like Tiger Woods congratulate you.
Or you could invest in Sony’s Walk Mate as well. Installed in their W705, W995, C510, C903 Sony Ericsson phones, this programme keeps track of how much you’ve walked.

But if you’re just lazy and overweight like me, you could just invest in the Morning Walker, (an aerobic exerciser) that is advertised in the newspapers every other day. That’s what is an idea sirjee!