Want a good night's sleep? Watch this viral insomnia-curing video

  • AFP
  • Updated: May 06, 2015 17:19 IST

Film of an Irish stream shot by visual artist Johnnie Lawson has been viewed over 6 million times and its effects are so impressive that it's being incorporated into medical research.

The video, of the River Bonet flowing under a bridge and over rooks in dappled sunlight, shaded by trees, isn't what typically ends up getting thousands of shares across the social web. But since it was uploaded almost two years ago it has become hugely popular with people around the world looking to relieve tension and get a good night's sleep.


So much so that it and a number of Lawson's other videos, are now being used in clinical trials at a number of London hospitals aimed at reducing post-traumatic stress for intensive care patents.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Dorothy Wade, a health psychologist who works in the intensive care unit at University College Hospital, London, said: "As part of the therapy, nurses give patients tablet computers with different relaxation materials on them."

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