Watching action movies leads to weight gain?

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  • Updated: Sep 08, 2014 13:35 IST

A new study from the Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab says weight gain may depend on what you watch.

"We find that if you’re watching an action movie while snacking your mouth will see more action too," says lead author Aner Tal adding, "In other words, the more distracting the program is, the more you will eat."

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Researchers recruited 94 undergraduates who happily munched on M&Ms, cookies, carrots and grapes during 20 minutes of screen time in which they were randomly assigned to watch part of an action movie or some talk show or a silent segment from a movie.

Researchers say that those who watched the action film ate 98 per cent more than those who watched the talk show.

Overall, those who watched the action sequence consumed an average of 354 calories, and the group who viewed the silent version ate 314 calories. The talk show group’s average caloric intake was just 215.

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"Stimulating programmes that are fast paced, and include many camera cuts, really draw you in and distract you from what you are eating," says Dr Tal.

The research team advises pre-portioning snacks and selecting healthy fare which, according to their study, action movie viewers tended to enjoy.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine.

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