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We must put health and safety before commerce

health-and-fitness Updated: Apr 07, 2013 01:19 IST

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I have been very troubled after learning about the health hazards of mobile towers. My worries intensified when I found out that there is an illegal tower in my neighbourhood that is just 15 feet above the ground.

Near my building there is a maternity hospital and a pre-school, which could be affected severely.

One of my neighbours filed a complaint against this illegal tower, but no action has been taken. We are exasperated. My neighbours have stopped opening their windows for fear of the radiation. I am worried as my uncle suffers from constant skin irritation.

Technology is fine, but strict measures are mandatory. I wonder what the BMC was doing while so many illegal towers were built.

This further proves the extent of corruption in this city. As citizens, we must keep our eyes open for such illegal activity.

— Batul Kapasi

Money is not everything, and it can’t buy health

Health and safety should never be compromised for the sake of money.

I have seen buildings that instal mobile towers and then allow residents to live maintenance-free for years. At times, the society also has surplus funds that are distributed among the homeowners.

But all of this comes at a huge cost — radiation. I believe the government should ban telecom companies that make such offers to housing societies.

The companies, who make crores of rupees, should come up with new, innovative ways to provide services without compromising human safety. Housing societies, before installing towers on their rooftops, should make sure that required safety measures have been taken.

— Kamal Anil Kapadia

Share towers, make registration mandatory

Mobile phone towers are endangering the health of Mumbai’s population. Legal or otherwise, something needs to be done to protect people from these towers, which emit hazardous rays.

Fines and penalties will not work, as mobile phone companies will willingly dish out these relatively paltry sums. Such towers should be installed at greater heights, way above the terraces of high-rise buildings, so that there is minimum risk to people.

Also, why do we need so many towers of different companies all over? Force service providers to share towers to reduce radiation.

The government must also make registration of mobile phone towers mandatory so that it can monitor them properly and deal sternly with any irregularities.

— SN Kabra