Wish your eyes a goodnight with these easy tips

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  • Updated: May 28, 2014 16:59 IST

You take care of your facial skin, but do you do the same for your eyes? Inculcate these easy tips in your routine to keep eye problems at bay.

Wipe out makeup

More often than not, we don’t bother to remove traces of kajal or eyeliner from our eyes before sleeping. Removing your eye makeup before hitting the bed is a must. Use an eye-makeup remover or baby oil, followed by mild washing of eyes with cold water.
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No matter how much you take care of your eyes, if you don’t get adequate sleep, it won’t help. Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. It is best to sleep upright, with your back placed on bed, as it aids blood ­circulation and curbs ­the origination of eye-related issues.
Cream for your eyes

Since there are no oil glands around our eyes, using an eye cream is a good idea. It ­replenishes the undereye skin, reduces ­puffiness and makes the skin glow. Opt for one with AHA and retinol to fight eye-related issues like dark circles and sunken eyes.
Massaging helps

If you have a wrinkled contour, massage your eyes with vitamin-E or almond oil or creams enriched with collagen on alternate days. These aid in dehydrating and improving the blood circulation around your eye area, and in turn, helps in reducing wrinkles to give you younger looking eyes.

(With inputs from Ishika Taneja, beauty expert)

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