Proud to be a Himachali: winner of Indian Princess 2014 contest

Proud of her Himachali roots, Mandi girl Chandni Sharma, the winner of the Indian Princess 2014 pageant, has called upon girls in the state to come forward and showcase their talent.

In town as part of a visit to her hometown Gohar in Mandi on Thursday, Chandni said the state abounded in beauty. "Himachali girls are beautiful, and need only proper grooming to become a hit in the world of glamour," she said.

"Having a pretty face, but no self-esteem will not help carve a niche in that world. I realised this during the 25-day grooming session by the pageant organisers."

Stressing on the need to remainjh connected to one's roots, she said, "No matter how much success we achieve, we must not forget our roots. This spirit makes us stand out and feel more confident."

Inclined to work for social causes, Chandni had recently donated `1 lakh from the prize money to 16-year-old Monika More, who had lost her hands in a train accident in Mumbai in January this year.

She also visited the parents of Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia. "Tear welled in my eyes while talking to Saurabh Kalia's parents, who were proud of their son's sacrifice. They are the real heroes who protect us and our country," she said.

Chandni was crowned the Indian Princess 2014 in Mumbai on February 18.


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