Specialists' shortage:Lahaul Spiti patients await  flight services

Patients in Lahaul and Spiti are waiting for their turn to fly out of the district for the last several days as there is shortage of specialist health staff in the district.

Data availed by the Hindustan Times reveals that there are 14 patients stranded in the district, who have been referred out of the district by the health authorities for the treatment.

The tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti, which is closed for six months every year for vehicular traffic in winter season, receives heavy snowfall which cut off the district from the country from November to April each year.

According to sources, there are 14 patients in different parts of the district, which are waiting for flight service. Similarly, many students who are studying out of the district, are worried as the new sessions of schools have started.

In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is trying to get a political mileage by targeting the state government and the sitting Congress MLA Ravi Thakur of Lahaul and Spiti over the flight service issue.

Data availed by HT reveals that 401 persons have applied for flight service in the district, in which 14 are patients referred by the district health department, 94 officials, 255 non-officials and 38 kids till March 5.

Inclement weather has hit flight service badly in the past few days in the district .

Local residents have alleged that the state government has failed to provide better health services in district, which has a severe shortage of specialist health staff in the district.


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