I don't like Ajay Devgn's chemistry with any actress: Kajol

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  • Updated: Dec 08, 2013 12:05 IST
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Fire and ice, that’s how one would describe the relationship between the star couple, Ajay Devgn and Kajol. While Kajol is all bubbly and effervescent, Ajay is calm and quiet. “Because we are so different, our marriage worked,” said Kajol.

“There has to be one who talks, and the other who listens, the vivacious actor said in conversation with Vir Sanghvi at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. “That’s the secret of a happy marriage.”

Comfortable to the point that most times one was finishing the other’s sentences, the couple fell in love gradually. “I saw him sitting on a chair on the first day of shooting Hulchul and was taken aback and said to the director, ‘he’s the hero’?  I was 19, and I didn’t think too high of people who didn’t talk, and I had this image of the hero, who is larger-than-life, creates a buzz, and has ten people around him. Only later, I realised, he only talks when he has something to say,” said Kajol.

Kajol obviously filled in a void in Ajay’s life. “Earlier, I would drink a bottle of alcohol every day,” said Ajay. Kajol added that he would mostly do that to pass time. With the family in the picture, “things have changed,” he said. “She’s a great mother and wife, and such a good actress that she complements every actor she works with,” said Ajay of Kajol. In mutual admiration, Kajol said, “He’s very selfless in the marriage, is even-tempered, just and very strong.” When asked, whom did she think Ajay had a great chemistry with, Kajol in the typical Kajol manner, said, “Rehne do. I don’t like his chemistry with anyone.”

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