Let there be colour!


Ready to get down and dirty with gulaal and gubbaare this Holi? Round up your gang and give your pad a makeover to throw the hottest Holi shindig in the city this year.

Quirky invites, delicious grub and organic colours are all you need to get this party started.

Kickstart the party with fun invites. Attach your invite envelope to a marigold mala or call your friends over with a yummy gujiya invite, check out these cool ideas to let your imagination take over. Don’t restrain your guests from indulging in the Holi madness, and take your pick from these DIY tips to mess-proof your house.

Worry about broken glasses and crockery when the bhaang takes over? Replace your pricey wares with quirkily coloured earthen pots, paper plates and more, to add a desi tadka to your bash. And if you don’t want to spend the day after partying scrubbing gulaal off your show pieces, just indulge in some do-it-yourself wall hangings and buntings to get the festival feel.

Make sure you have plenty of finger food to eat during the Holi play and a scrumptious main course for later, when everyone is tired and drenched. Now, all you need to do is plug on the most powerful speakers and pump up the volume to play your Holi party play list.

Shoot a colourful invite to your guests.  Cut out the shape of a pichkari on a quirky chart paper. Then, write your party details on it and deliver it to your friends! 

Add a dash of boho-chic to your invite. Put your invite in an envelope. Then, using glue, paste it onto a flower garland. Now, place it on the necks of your friends to join you for the Holi bash. You can also dip your hand in wet gulaal and imprint it on the envelope for a rangeen effect!


Are your friends big foodies? Then, a gujiya invite is right up their alley. Write your invite on a paper and pass a toothpick through it. Now, stake it through a gujiya and deliver it at your friend's place.

Sip on high spirits with quirky straws. Just cut out funky shapes on paper and paste them on drinking straws.

If hiring caterers is not your thing, just stack paper or thermocol plates in a corner and let your guests help themselves.


Brighten up your spoons for the party! Just paint the handles using old nail polishes or acrylic paints.

Avoid broken crockery situation by filling up earthen pitchers with bhaang and thandai. Paint them for a colourful look.

Store gulaal in cool plastic clay pots like the ones below. Just roll plasticine clay to make multiple ‘snakes’ or sticks. Now glue the two ends of the sticks together to make a circle. Stack them on top of each other. Paste this on a cardboard base and fill it with gulaal once it is dry.

Go desi chic with triangle buntings. All you need is to cut out triangles on coloured papers or magazine sheets. Then, mark holes on them and pass a string through it or paste them on a long ribbon. Put it up on the walls and doorways of the party venue to add a dash of colour.


No party is complete without a generous dose of glitter. Take gold or silver wrapping paper. Cut it into thin strips. Now, using a pair of scissors, make slight horizontal cuts on it to make fringes. Using glue, wrap it around a string to make a cool fringe bunting.

Remember the paper fans you made when you were a child? Use them to make a cool wall art for Holi. Take a  sheet of paper, fold it forward and then, backward till you reach the end. Now, glue both sides together to make a large wheel. Your wall art is ready!

Check out this colourful playlist to jazz up your Holi bash:


 *Rang barse
 *Holi khele raghuveera
 *Holi Ke din
 *Ang se ang
 *Aaj na chodenge
 *Do me a favour let’s play Holi
 *Jai Jai Shiv Shankar
 *Holiyaa mein ude re gulaal
 *Rang lo — Shankar Tucker
 *Balam pichkari
 *Gulaabi aankhein
 *Party all night
 *Humka peenee hai
 *Get lucky — Daft Punk
 *Red lights — Tiesto
 *Happy — Pharrell Williams
 *Dark horse — Katy Perry
 *Timber — Pitbull feat Keisha
 *Royals — Lorde
 *Wake me up — Avicii
 *Party rock — LMFAO

— Inputs by DJ Tokumei


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