Politicians are the face of Holi pichkaris this year

Narendra Modi is now a pichkari!

Politicians, and not actors, cricketers or cartoon characters are the face of Holi pichkaris this year.

Thus, images of BJP leader Narendra Modi and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, plastered on these Holi accessories are selling like hot cakes in Delhi.

In fact, shopkeepers say that supporters of these parties, who are riding high on the election wave, are willing to pay a higher price too.

Muzahid Ahmad, 37, a shopkeeper at Sadar Bazaar, shares, “Pichkaris had stickers of cartoons last year, and were priced at `130. With Modi ji’s sticker they are being sold at `200 each.”

As for Kejriwal’s pichkaris, a seller says, “Pehle inka bhi bahut bik raha tha, par abhi kum ho gaya hai.”


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