Amber Rose has the best answer for men who don’t understand consent

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  • Updated: Feb 22, 2016 13:27 IST
Amber Rose revealed on the show It’s Not You, It’s Men that she is often assaulted sexually. (AFP)

It is not just India where women are told that your short dress is an invitation for sexual assault. Hollywood actor Amber Rose was recently told that ‘maybe’ she is often sexually assaulted because that is the ‘kind of image she represents’. And much like our very own Sunny Leone, Rose gave it back, like a boss.

Speaking against critics of her raunchy social media posts on US TV show ‘It’s Not You, It’s Men’, Amber said, “I get sexually assaulted constantly. When I walk down the street, because people think I’m famous or I’m cool and I’m taking pictures, that they can just grab my a** or put their hand under my skirt or, ‘Oh Amber, can I come grab your b**bs?”

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Also on the show was Rev Run, who then said, “They are asking you to do that because of representation of what you are wearing and stuff and what it seems like in their mind what you’re are representing.”

“I’m just saying, the comfortability some people find in wanting to touch or grope you. It’s an energy that is sent out there that creates that type of response,” co-host Tyrese added.

When the men were done with their comments, Rose said in a stern voice, “If I am laying down with a man, but naked and his condom is on and I say ‘You know what? No, I don’t wanna do this. I changed my mind.’ That means no. That means f****** NO.”

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“It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no,” she added.

In this file photo from January 2014, Amber Rose arrives on the red carpet for the 56th Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. (AFP/Getty Images)

Rev then responded saying, “Dress how you wanna be addressed” and Rose snapped at him saying, “Oh, boo. No. That’s not realistic. Stop it.”

“Girls do that to me all the time, and it does get like, I love you girls so much, but it does get like, stop grabbing on my b**bs constantly and my b**t. And guys, too. They’re like can ‘I just touch your b**t?’ This is my privacy, no,” Rose had earlier revealed on the show.

Watch Amber Rose giving the best answer to Rev on It’s Not You, It’s Men

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