Arnold Schwarzenegger re-records his famous lines for fans

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  • Updated: Oct 21, 2013 17:31 IST

Arnold Schwarzenegger has re-recorded some of his famous lines as a part of an-ask me anything-session for the website Reddit, while promoting his upcoming flick, Escape Plan.

The 66-year-old actor posted that whenever he went to an event, someone always asked him to yell out one of his lines from his films, reported.

The Terminator star said that in order to celebrate, Escape Plan, hitting the theatres and since he had already done a fitness AMA, it would be fun to offer himself to be filmed while yelling out his fans' favourites lines.

Schwarzenegger explained that he was already on set and would keep uploading the videos as responses throughout the day.

He added that he couldn't wait to scream one of his wilder lines and scare the crew.


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