Artist puts Disney princesses behind bars

Maria Bayley's artwork.

What happens when classic Disney characters and the current TV favourite, Orange Is the New Black, is fused together? A fair bit of shock and awe.

Designer Maria Bayley took Elsa, Ariel and co, and put them in Litchfield. She entered a DesignCrowd contest that asked contestants to replace their favorite inmates with famous females using Photoshop. Bailey took the wholesome, virginal Disney beauties and put them in orange jumpsuits, reports

Frozen's Queen Elsa becomes Piper Chapman while Tangled's Rapunzel is Nicky Nichols. Mulan's Mulan as Alex Vause and the Little Mermaid's Ariel has been imagined as Galina 'Red' Reznikov. Snow White is Gloria Mendoza while the Little Mermaid's Prince Eric is George 'Pornstache' Mendez.


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