Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo are Hollywood's big huggers

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  • Updated: Jan 17, 2015 15:21 IST

Actor Sienna Miller finds hugs by Mark Ruffalo and Bradley Cooper quite heartwarming.

The 33-year-old actor, who is engaged to Tom Sturridge, plays Ruffalo's on-screen wife in the crime film Foxcatcher. She says he used to give "a lot of love" when he embraced his fellow stars, reports

"He's a big hugger and you feel so good. Like a bear, man. And he gives a lot of love," she said speaking on The Daily Show.

The actor said her American Sniper co-star Bradley Cooper, a nominee for a Best Actor Oscar is also a big fan of embracing.

When asked if he hugs, she replied: "Yeah, big time."

Miller insists Cooper's performance in the motion picture as sniper Chris Kyle is "incredible", but she was grateful to do the motion picture just to meet the shooter's wife Taya Kyle, whom the actor essays in the film.

"I tried to be truthful to the moment. Of course it's a film and it's ultimately about Bradley, who is amazing in this. He's incredible but basically everything that happens happened so I could talk to her (Taya), she was very on hand to help me through it and of course you have to up the ante at times," she said.

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