Consider yourself a Daniel Radcliffe fan? Prove it with this quiz

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 23, 2015 12:31 IST
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. He played the character in eight movies.

Daniel Radcliffe turns 26 on July 23 and it is every reason to celebrate. We first saw this bespectacled wonder in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and later in seven other movies of the franchise. He became a phenomenon in no time and is still a crowd puller with his regular funny antics.

Here we have for you a simple and special quiz to judge once and for all if you are a wizard or a muggle!

Match the screengrab with the right movie and make sure you don't bring dishonour to your house. True Harry Potter fans should get a perfect score.

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