Daniel Radcliffe wants to play Robin to Ben Affleck's Batman

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  • Updated: Jun 25, 2014 14:58 IST

Daniel Radcliffe has hinted that he’d be more than happy to play Robin to Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming film, which also features Superman.


Harry Potter star

said that he could be Robin with Affleck, since he was perfect for the role.

Radcliffe said that if they did a solo Batman again, he will do that too.

Affleck’s casting as the Caped Crusader had come under a lot of flak initially, with fans criticising the move on social media. An online petition to stop the role was also launched.

However, Radcliffe has a solid relationship with warner Bros post his Harry Potter movies and a casting in Batman franchise is possible.

During the interview, Radcliffe was also asked to sort certain celebs like Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, Jon Hamm and Kanye West into Hogwarts houses. And he chose Slytherin for West.

“I’m gonna get hell for this. I’m sorry dude,” he said. “In the name of variety, you’re going with the green one.”

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