Disney could lose $150mn thanks to The Lone Ranger

  • Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger. The man who stared at horses?

  • Well this looks like a funny scene.

  • Would you recognise him if you didn't know?

  • Picturesque to say the least!

  • Looks like quite the Bollywood moment, eh?

  • Not taking an earfull of reviews?

  • Hammer and Depp stand in solidarity?

  • Not so lone here, are we?

A classic westerner that could cost Disney a whopping $150mn worth of losses, The Lone Ranger has done what no other Johnny Depp film could do - fail miserably. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is all set to create a pile of losses for the studio.

After receiving scathing reviews from critics and movie-goers alike, the film proceeded to get shot down by Gru and his army of yellow smug minions. Despicable Me 2 walked all over The Lone Ranger. Even Sandra Bullock starrer The Heat is making more heat-waves than the Ranger.

The film has earned a disappointing $73mn worldwide so far, pushing Disney up the wall.

The Lone Ranger is on course to be the most disappointing earner for Disney since last year's space fantasy John Carter, which lost more than $200m, states The Guardian.

Well all's not lost for Disney yet. As long as they keep churning out Monsters Universities and Iron Mans, all shall remain well in Disney-land. Or so we hope.


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