Ellen Pompeo slams Daniel Craig, says he needs a reality check

  • ANI, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 09, 2015 16:42 IST
Ellen Pompeo

Looks like Daniel Craig’s response over doing another Bond film did not impress Ellen Pompeo as she recently shared a tweet slamming his comment. The 47-year-old actor previously said in an interview that he would prefer taking a glass and slashing his wrist instead of doing another James Bond film, reports Us magazine.

Commenting on Craig’s reaction, the 45-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actor tweeted, “This dude needs a reality check.”

However, anyone who read the full interview would know that he was merely joking about being exhausted from making the most recent one, and that he wouldn’t want to jump into another immediately.

Daniel Craig in Spectre

After some of her followers pointed out that he has made the comment in jest, she accepted that she may have jumped to conclusions. Even then, instead of apologising, she blamed the media.

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