Fast & Furious 7 had 41 mistakes. We give you top 3

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  • Updated: Dec 18, 2015 15:26 IST
Fast & Furious 7 clocked in the maximum number of errors in a film this year.

With 41 errors spotted by eagle-eyed film fans, the fast-paced action movie Fast & Furious 7 has topped Jurassic World and The Martian on’s annual list of flubs. You didn’t notice them? Blame the fast-paced action and daredevil stunts in the film.

The Furious 7 mistakes include a Jason Statham driving clanger, reported Contactmusic. Webmaster Jon Sandys writes, “When the team attends Han’s funeral, Jason Statham is watching the team in a Maserati with tinted windows. During the chase that follows the Maserati is shown twice with clear windows, with a man in a mask behind the wheel.”

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Sandys adds, “The hospital scene at the start says London. However the sign outside the hospital says Birmingham, and when we see Shaw at the hospital it is in London. However, the plugs above the bed are two pronged American style outlets. Also, during the entire bus chase scene the bullet holes in Dom’s window repeatedly change.” And there are another 38 errors just like that.

The fact that Bryce Dallas Howard escaped from a dinosaurs jaws wearing 4-inch heels was also counted as an error.

Jurassic World comes in second place with 33 mistakes while film fans spotted 21 mistakes in at Damon’s The Martian. New James Bond film Spectre and Mad Max: Fury Road round out the top five with 16 and 15 mistakes, respectively, and Terminator Genisys, Ant-Man, Fifty Shades of Grey, Minions and Avengers: Age of Ultron complete the top 10.

However, no movie from the past year beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the careless stakes. That film had at least 58 mishaps. The worst ever was Commando with an unbelievable 157 errors.

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