Film polling results available to the public for first time

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  • Updated: Jul 26, 2012 18:09 IST
  • Dark Knight Rises

    Batman is back and is once again standing face to face with the enemies of Gotham City. The third and last of the franchise directed ...

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    Critics have already given the thumbs up to The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises

    Christian Bale will be reprising the role of Bruce Wayne and Batman in the film.

  • Batman

    Years after Batman took the fall for Two Face's crimes, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest.

  • Batman, the Dark Knight,

    Batman, the Dark Knight, resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

  •  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman/Selina Kyle

    The film also see Anne Hathaway play Catwoman and her alter ego Selina Kyle.

  • Dark Knight

    The film will see Michael Caine play Alfred, Liam Neeson play Ra's Al Ghul, Morgan Freeman play Lucius Fox and Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon ...

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The new additions to the film are Inception stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.

  • Bane

    Bane will be played by Inception star Tom Hardy.

  • Bane and Batman

    The face-off between Bane and Batman is definitely one to watch out for.

Would you buy a movie on DVD or rent it? Why did you choose to see the film -- actors, genre, subject or director? How do you rank the movie on a scale of A+ to F? The answers gathered by Cinema Score are being made public and posted online for the first time.

The 34-year-old company Cinema Score, a film polling service that measures the reaction of moviegoers across North America for Hollywood studios, is now making available the grade that audiences give to films in theatrical release.

On opening night, Cinema Score pollsters pose six questions to people in 25 cities across North America, collecting a range of information to determine the score to give the film. Audiences fill out a ballot and return it at the end of the film and result are processed immediately.

A detailed breakdown of grades and demographics are available to studios for thousands of dollars a year.

Here are the scores for ten recent films:

The Dark Knight Rises: A
The Amazing Spider-Man: A-
Ice Age: Continental Drift: A
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted: A
Katy Perry: Part of Me: A
Marvel's The Avengers: A+
Men in Black 3: B
Magic Mike: B
Rock of Ages: B

In the future, more data gathered may be shared with the public. To check out the weekly CinemaScore:


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