First Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio a money mogul in The Wolf of Wall Street

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  • Updated: Jun 18, 2013 14:48 IST

In The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, the white collar criminal who was imprisoned for his stock market manipulations.

Scorsese's new hotly-anticipated film, The Wolf of Wall Street, has just dropped its first trailer.

Paramount Pictures offers a glimpse of one of the highlights of its end-of-year lineup. Two years after his family film digression Hugo Cabret, Martin Scorsese has teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio again in this roguish film based on the memoirs of infamous stock broker Jordan Belfort.

Pitched as a thriller, then as a drama, The Wolf of Wall Street ultimately looks to be more of a satirical comedy about Wall Street in the 1990 boom years, to judge from the stills released by Paramount Pictures.

In the trailer, DiCaprio tears down the fourth wall to show us the life of Belfort, the money-driven kingpin of an investment firm who eventually fell afoul of the law, got arrested in 1998, and served 22 months in jail for manipulating the stock market and running a boiler room. Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill stand out as well in this colorful clip.

The Wolf of Wall Street is due out in North America on November 15. This feature is bound to be a frontrunner in the competition for the Oscars in 2014.

Have a sneak peek at The Wolf of Wall Street:


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